Provider List 

Welcome to our provider list! We are currently updating our new provider list. There are also many providers that will not be listed here as their caseloads are completely full. However, once the provider list is populated, please click on their pictures to get an idea of their modality, treatment approaches, personality and schedule. We can then help support you to set up an appointment through our Intelitalk…Mind, Body and Wellness Client Portal after you have completed the intake forms and registered. You will receive a personal client login and encrypted code to access a wealth of information. This is all in an effort to help you on the way to unlock what is blocking your mind. We are also more than willing to wait until your individual intake and then recommend a therapist for you. If at any point you feel disconnected from that particular therapist we can help provide you with a different one. Just call our offices and ask to speak with Dr. Morand about it. Connection is key!

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