Our Services 

Support From Intelitalk…Mind, Body and Wellness Services are predicated on the following goals:

Our ultimate goal is to provide you quality care through highly specialized and formulated plans of action. The more “action” you put into your treatment, the better the results will be. We have a constant internal auditing system of our therapists as well to make sure they are providing you the means to engage in these actionable steps.

Do You Fit The Parameters to Be a Client?

Can everyone benefit from therapy? Our answer is No. Not everyone will benefit from therapy. Can everyone who engages in the process, opens themselves up to change and takes actionable steps benefit from therapy? The answer is a resounding YES! We are here to help you “Unlock what is Blocking Your Mind”.

Age is not a restriction for therapy for the most part. We service children as young as four years of age to people as young as ninety. There is a uniqueness to individual support and we do not place people in “therapeutic boxes” utilizing the same approach for each person. However, we conduct individual assessments and then work with a treatment plan for each client that we support.

Our Service Model

We are a colloquial team of independent practitioners that work at an office setting that employs a growth mindset of system and actionable change. Our goal is to provide you with support, to listen to your concerns and help you to develop actionable steps to address those concerns in a meaningful and respectful manner.

Are you ready to start?

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